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My name is Bryant and I have branded myself as Gauge.

I’m sure you can guess why. The two main questions people tend to ask are:

Did it hurt stretching your ears?


What size are your gauges?

The answer is YES it hurt! It wasn’t that enjoyable but I was determined to stretch them and I was willing to endure the pain. My gauges are about 1-1/8 which is around 28mm. 25mm is an inch so when people ask to make it easy I usually say my ears are stretched to a little over an inch.

I tend to drift toward grunge textures and patterns when I brainstorm my ideas for projects. The chaotic structure of grunge textures are pretty exciting to play around with. The first projects that I started to brand consisted of tons of different grunge fonts and textures but I also wanted to showcase a more clean and minimal design to challenge myself and show contrast.